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Film TitleLanguageDirector
"Damned1969Visconti, LuchinoItalian
"Damned1961Losey, JosephEnglish
"Dancer Upstairs2002Malkovich, JohnEnglish
"Darjeeling Limited2007Anderson, WesEnglish
"Dark2006Fawcett, JohnEnglish
"Dark Crystal1985Oz, FrankEnglish
"Dark Knight2008Nolan, ChistopherEnglish
"Darkest Light2000Beaufoy, SimonEnglish
"Day After Tomorrow2004Emmerich, RolandEnglish
"Day at the Beach1970Polanski, RomanEnglish
"Day the Earth Stood Still1951Wise, RobertEnglish
"Day TodayEnglish
"Daytrippers1996Mottola, GregEnglish
"Dead1997Huston, JohnEnglish
"Dead Hate The Living2001Parker, DaveEnglish
"Dead zone1983Cronenberg, DavidEnglish
"Death of Mr Lazarescu2006Puiu, CristiRomanian
"Decade Under The InfluenceLAGravenense, Richard & Demme, TedEnglish
"Decameron1970Pasolini, Pier PaoloItalian
"Decline of the American Empire1986Arcand, DenysFrench
"Deep EndEnglish
"Deer Hunter1978Cimino, MichaelEnglish
"Dejeuner Sur L Herbe1959Renoir, JeanFrench
"Delicate Balance1973Richardson, TonyEnglish
"Delius1968Russell, KenEnglish
"Departed2006Scorcese, MartinEnglish
"Dernier Combat1983Besson, LucFrench
"Descent2005Marshall, NeilEnglish
"Destinees Sentimentales2000Assayas, OliverFrench