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Film TitleLanguageDirector
"City of the Dead1960Moxey, JohnEnglish
"ClaimWinterbottom, MichaelEnglish
"Clangers0Peter FirminEnglish
"Clean1993Kerrigan, LodgeEnglish
"Clearing2004Brugge, Peter JanEnglish
"Clefs de Bagnole2005Baffie, LaurentFrench
"Clock1045Minnelli, VincentEnglish
"Closet2002Veber, FrancisFrench
"Cloud1998Solanas, FernandoSpanish
"Cock and Bull Story2006Winterbottom , MichaelEnglish
"Cocoanuts1929Florey, RobertEnglish
"Coeur en Hiver1991Sautet, ClaudeFrench
"Colonel Chabert1994Angelo, YvesFrench
"Color Purple1985Spielberg, StevenEnglish
"Colour Of Paradise2000Majidi, MajidFarsi
"Combat Dans LileCavalier, AlainFrench
"Comfort of Strangers1990Schrader, PaulEnglish
"Commissar1967Askoldov, AlexanderRussian
"Commitments1991Parker, AlanEnglish
"Commune1973Watkins, PeterEnglish
"Company1999Altman, RobertEnglish
"Company of Strangers1990Scott, CynthiaEnglish
"Complete History Of My Sexual Failures2008Waitt, ChrisEnglish
"Comunidad2000De La Iglesia, AlexSpanish
"Confessional1995Lepage, RobertFrench
"Consequences of Love2005Sorrentino, PaoloItalian
"Constant Gardener2005Meirelles, FernandoEnglish
"Contender2001Lurie, RodEnglish
"Cook1996Greenaway, PeterEnglish
"Cooler2002Kramer, WayneEnglish