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Film TitleLanguageDirector
"Captive2000Ackerman, ChantalFrench
"Carabiniers1963Godard, Jean-LucFrench
"Caretaker1963Donner, CliveEnglish
"Carriers Are Waiting1999PoelVoorde, BenoitFrench
"Casa Dalle Fenestre Che Ridono1976Avati, PupiItalian
"Casanova1976Fellini, FedericoItalian
"Castle Cagliostro1980Miyazaki, HayaoJapanese
"Cat In The Hat2003Welch, BoEnglish
"Cat Returns1995Miyazaki, HayaoJapanese
"Cavalry Trilogy(Rio GrandeFord, JohnEnglish
"Cecil B. DeMille Collection1920B. DeMille, CecilSilent
"Cement Garden1992Birkin, AndrewEnglish
"Century of Cinema1995Scorsese, MartinEnglish
"Century of CinemaGodard, Jean-LucFrench
"Changeling1979Medak, PeterEnglish
"Chansons Damour2007Honore, ChristopheFrench
"Chant d Amour1950Genet, JeanSilent
"Chaplin Revue0Chaplin, CharlesSilent
"Charlie Chaplin -The Mutual Films1916Chaplin, CharlieSilent
"Chelsea Girls1966Warhol, AndyEnglish
"Chess Players1977Ray, SatyajitBengali
"Childhood Of Maxim Gorky1938Donskoi, MarkRussian
"ChorusBarratier, ChristopheFrench
"Christmas MiracleEnglish
"Chronicles Of Narnia Prince Caspian2008Adamson, AndrewEnglish
"Chumscrubber2007Wilson, O MEnglish
"Cinematic Works2002Ahtila, Eija-LiisaEnglish
"Circus1918Chaplin, CharlieSilent
"City of Sadness1989Hsiao-Hsien, HouMandarin