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Film TitleLanguageDirector
"Bourne Ultimatum2007Greengrass, PaulEnglish
"Box Of Delights1995Rye, PennyEnglish
"Boxer1997Jordan, NeilEnglish
"Boy Named Charlie Brown1969Melendez, BillEnglish
"Boys From Fengkui1983Hsiao-Hsien, HouMandarin
"Brave1997Depp, JohnnyEnglish
"Brave One2007Jordan, NeilEnglish
"Break-Up2006Reed, PeytonEnglish
"Breakfast Club1985Hughes, JohnEnglish
"Bride Wore Black1970Truffaut, FrancoisFrench
"Bridesmaid2005Chabrol, ClaudeFrench
"Bridge2006Steel, EricEnglish
"Bridges of Madison County1995Eastwood, ClintEnglish
"Bronzes1978Leconte, PatriceFrench
"Brother From Another Planet1984Sayles, JohnEnglish
"Brother Sun1972Zeffirelli, Franco
"Brothers Grimm2005Gilliam, TerryEnglish
"Brown Bunny2005Gallo, VincentEnglish
"Bruto1952Bunuel, LuisSpanish
"Bucket List2008Reiner, RobEnglish
"Bugpuss1974fat catEnglish
"Bugs LifeLasseter, JohnEnglish
"Burbs1989Dante, JoeEnglish
"Business2005Love, NickEnglish
"Buster Keaton: The Complete Short Films 31918Keaton, BusterSilent
"Butcher Boy1998Jordan, NeilEnglish
"Butterfly Effect2004Gruber, MackyeEnglish
"Caiman2006Moretti, NaniItalian
"CandidateRitchie, MichaelEnglish
"Canterbury Tales1971Pasolini, Pier PaoloItalian