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Film TitleLanguageDirector
"Billion Dollar Hotel2000Wenders, WimEnglish
"Bird With The Crystal PlumageArgento, DarioItalian
"Bitter Tea of General Yen1932Capra, FrankEnglish
"Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant1972Fassbinder, Rainer WernerGerman
"Bittersweet Life2005Jee-Woon, KimKorean
"Black Angel1997Takashi, IshiJapanese
"Black Cat1998Kusturica, EmirSerbo-Croatian
"Black Cat1941Ulmer, Edgar GEnglish
"Black Dahlia2006De Palma, BrianEnglish
"Black GodRocha, GlauberPortuguese
"Black Stallion1979Ballard, CarrollEnglish
"Blind Husbands/ Great Gabbo1919Stroheim, Erich VonSilent
"Blonde in Love1965Forman, MilosCzech
"Blood of a Poet1930Cocteau, JeanFrench
"Blue Angel1930Sternberg, Josef VonGerman
"Blue Kite1992Zhuangzhuang, TianMandarin
"Blue Planet2004Attenborough, DavidEnglish
"Blues Brothers1980Landis, JohnEnglish
"Bombon2004Sorin, CarlosSpanish
"Bonaerense2004Trapero, PabloSpanish
"Bonheur Est Dans Le Pre1995Chatiliez, EtienneFrench
"Book of Life1998Hartley, HalEnglish
"Border1981Richardson, TonyEnglish
"Borrowers1993Henderson, JohnEnglish
"Boss of it All2008Von Trier, LarsDanish
"Bossu1998De Broca, PhillipeFrench
"Bothersome Man2007Lein, JensNorwegian
"Bourne Identity2002Liman, DougEnglish