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Film TitleLanguageDirector
World Trade Center 2006Stone, OliverEnglish
World Without Pity1989Rochant, EricFrench
World, The2005Zhangke, JiaMandarin
Woyzeck1978Herzog ,WernerGerman
WR Mysteries of the Organism1971Makavejev, DusanSerbian
Wrestler, The 2008Aronofsky, DarrenEnglish
Written on the Wind 1956Sirk, DouglasEnglish
Wrong Move1975Wenders, WimGerman
Wrong Movement1975Wenders, WimGerman
Wuthering Heights1939Wyler, WilliamEnglish
X Men Origins Wolverine(dvd)2009Hood, CockAmerican
X-Men 2000Singer, BryanEnglish
X-Men 1.5 2000Singer, BryanEnglish
X-Men 2 2003Singer, BryanEnglish
X-Men 3: The Last Stand 2006Ratner, BrettHalle Berry
XALA 1974Sembene, OusmaneWolof and French
XX / XY2001Chick, AustinEnglish
Y Tu Mama Tambien 2001Cuaron, AlfonsoMexican
Yaaba 1989Ouedraogo, IdrissaEnglish
Yakuza 1975Pollack, SydneyEnglish
Year Of The Dragon 1985Cimino, MichaelEnglish
Year of the Horse1998Jarmusch, JimEnglish
Yes Man2007Reed, PeytonEnglish
Yes Men Fix The World, The 2009Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno, English
Young Victoria, The (DVD)2009Vallee, Jean-Marc
Youth In Revolt2009Miguel ArtetaEnglish
Zack and Miri Make a Porno2008Smith, KevinEnglish
Zombieland2009Ruben FleischerEnglish