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Film TitleLanguageDirector
"Barkleys Of Broadway1949Walters, CharlesEnglish
"Basketball Diaries1995Scott KalvertEnglish
"Bat Whispers1930West, RolandEnglish
"Beach2000Boyle, DannyEnglish
"BearAudus, HilaryEnglish
"Beat That My Heart Skipped2006Audiard, JacquesFrench
"Beau Serge1958Chabrol, ClaudeFrench
"Beautiful Mind2001Howard, RonEnglish
"Bed You Sleep In1993Jost, JonEnglish
"Beguiled1970Siegel, DonEnglish
"Believer2001Bean, HenryEnglish
"Bellboy1960Lewis, JerryEnglish
"Belle Captive1983Robbe-Grillet, AlainFrench
"Berlin1922Ruttmann, WalterGerman
"Best Intentions1991August, BilleSwedish
"Best Of Youth2004Giordana, Marco TullioItalian
"Better Tomorrow1986Woo, JohnCantonese
"Beyond1973Fulci, LucioItalian
"Bidone1955Fellini, FedericoItalian
"Big Blue1988Besson, LucFrench
"Big Chill1983Kasdan, LawrenceEnglish
"Big Heat1953Lang FritzEnglish
"Big Kahuna1998Swanbeck, JohnEnglish
"Big Knife1955Aldrich, RobertEnglish
"Big Lebowski1998Coen, JoelEnglish
"Big Night0Losey, JosephEnglish
"Big Red One1980Fuller, SamEnglish
"Big Steal1948Siegel, DonEnglish
"Big Store1941Riesner, CharlesEnglish
"Big Trail1930Walsh, RaulEnglish