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Film TitleLanguageDirector
"Angelic Conversation1985Jarman, DerekEnglish
"Anges De Peche1943Bresson, RobertFrench
"Animals Film1982Schonfeld, VictorEnglish
"Anjelic ConversationJarman, DerekEnglish
"Another Girl1992Almereyda, MichaelEnglish
"Antena2008Sapir, EstebanSpanish
"Apostle1997Duvall, RobertEnglish
"Appartement1997Mimouni, GillesFrench
"Apprentis1996Salavadori, PierreFrench
"Apu Trilogy1956Ray, SatyajitBengali
"Argent1983Bresson, RobertFrench
"Aristocats1964Disney, WaltEnglish
"Armando Iannucci Shows2000Iannuci, ArmandoEnglish
"Arrangement1969Kazan, EliaEnglish
"Asphalt Jungle1950Huston, JohnEnglish
"Assassination of Richard Nixon2005Mueller, NilsEnglish
"Autumn Afternoon 2001Metzstein, SaulEnglish
"Autumn Tale1997Rohmer, EricFrench
"Aviator2005Scorsese, MartinEnglish
"Awful Truth1937McCarey, LeoEnglish
"Bad and the Beautiful1952Minnelli, VincenteEnglish
"Bait1995Tavernier, BertrandFrench
"Balance1982Swaim, BobFrench
"Ballad of Jack and Rose2006Miller, RebeccaEnglish
"Band1978Scorsese, MartinEnglish
"Bands Visit2007Kolirin, EbranHebrew
"Banishment2008Zvyagintchev, AndreyMongolian
"Banquet2008Xiagang, WengMandarin
"Barbarian Invasions2003Arcand, DenysFrench