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Film TitleLanguageDirector
Sea Wall, The 2008Rithy PanhFrench
"10th Victim1965Petri, ElioFrench
"11th HourConners Petersen, LeiaEnglish
"39 Steps1939Hitchcock, AlfredEnglish
"47 Ronin1941Mizoguchi, KenjiJapanese
"Accidental TouristKasdan, LawrenceEnglish
"Accompagnatrice1992Miller, ClaudeFrench
"Adjuster1991Egoyan, AtomEnglish
"Adventures of Robin Hood1938Curtiz, MichaelEnglish
"Affair to Remember1957McCarey, LeoEnglish
"Affliction1997Schrader, PaulEnglish
"African Queen1951Huston, JohnEnglish
"Age of Innocence1993Scorsese, MartinEnglish
"Ages of Lulu1990Luna, BigasSpanish
"Air de Famille1998Klapisch, CedricFrench
"Alcohol years2005Morley, CarolEnglish
"All ThisHungarian
"America1963Kazan, EliaEnglish
"American In Paris1951Minnelli, VincenteEnglish
"American Soldier1970Fassbinder, Rainer WernerGerman
"American Tail1986Spielberg, StevenEnglish
"Americanizaton Of EmilyHiller, ArthurEnglish
"Amiche1955Antonioni, MichelangeloItalian
"Amityville Horror1980Rosenberg, StuartEnglish
"Amore in CittaAntonioni, MichelangeloItalian
"Amour en Fuite1979Truffaut, FrancoisFrench
"Andrei Tarkovsky CompanionTarkovsky, Marker, SokurovRussian
"Andy Warhol-4 Silent Movies(KissWarhol, AndyEnglish
"Angel at my Table1990Campion, JaneEnglish