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King of Marvin Gardens, The

King of Marvin Gardens, The
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Rafelson, Bob
United States
Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern, Ellen Barkin

Script/Story: Jacob Brackman and Bob Rafelson. Cinematography: Lazslo KovacsAn irresistible movie, not least for its
haunting vision of Atlantic City as Xanadu, a stately pleasure dome of
genteelly decaying palaces, run-down funfairs, and empty boardwalks
presided over by white elephants abandoned to their brooding fate. It's
like some unimaginable country of the mind, and so in a sense it is as
two brothers embark on a sort of game (Atlantic City provided the
original place names for the Monopoly board) in which they exchange
their lives, their loves and their dreams. One has retreated, like
Prospero, from the pain outside into the island of his mind; the other
pursues an endless mirage of get-rich-quick schemes which will let him
escape to an island paradise. Their fusion is a stunningly complex
evocation of childish complicity and Pinterish obsessions, inevitably
leading to tragedy as the obsessions founder on reality. One of the
most underrated films of the decade.

Author: Tom Milne
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Source: Time Out Film Guide

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