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Journey To Italy (Viaggio in Italia )

Journey To Italy (Viaggio in Italia )
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Rossellini, Roberto
Ingrid Bergman
George Saunders
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It Seems to me impossible to see Voyage to italy without recieving direct evidence of the fact that the film opens a breach, and that all cinema, on pain of death, must pass through it...each scene, each episode will recur in your memory not as a succession of shots and compositions, a more or less harmonious succession of more or less brilliant images, but as a vast melodic phrase, a continuous arabesque, a single implacable line which leads people ineluctably towards thne as yet unknown, embracing in its trajectory a palpitant and definitive universe...Ther are films ..which recede into time like rivers to the sea' and which offer us only the most banal of closing images: rivers flowing, crowds, armies, shadowspassing, curtains falling in perpetuity, a girl dancing till the end of time; there is Renoir and Rossellini. [Jacques Rivette, letter sur Rossellini,Cahiers du Cinema 46, April 1955, Translation: Tom Milne]

A typically reserved British couple, Alexander and Katherine Joyce
have travelled from England to Naples to await the sale of a property
they have inherited. Dissatisifed in their marriage and unfamiliar with
the rites and habits of the Neapolitans, the strains of this unfamiliar
environment tell wearingly on their relationship. In refuge, Katherine
immerses herself in tourism, while Alex removes himself, searching for
a way to fulfil his dissipating desires amongst the playthings of
Capri. Starring Hollywood idols George Sanders and Ingrid Bergman,
Roberto Rossellini's Journey to Italy
was hailed as revolutionary by the French New Wave on its release, and
is regarded today among the landmarks of 20th century cinema.

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