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Guard, The

Guard, The
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Mcdonagh, John
Brendan Gleeson
Don Cheadle
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Irish to the core, and deeply mischievous, it has a pugnacious anti-hero in Gerry Boyle (Brendan Gleeson), a sergeant in the Irish police force, the Gardaí. First seen popping ecstasy taken from a hapless joyrider, Boyle is a small-town copper in Connemara, on Ireland's west coast. He wears his uniform with punctilious pride, all the better to flout protocol...Boyle proves to be a thoughtful melancholic whose bookshelves are stacked with old orange Penguin spines, and enjoys listening to Chet Baker ballads. He's also tenderly devoted to his incurably ill mother (Fionnula Flanagan, who shares some sweet, pithy scenes with Gleeson). And he likes to relax by putting on his glad rags (fedora, bow tie and rakish scarf – something of a Keith Floyd look) and getting together with hookers in kissogram police uniforms...McDonagh is also good on non-verbal humour: like the presentation of an IRA man as a stout, denim-clad bloke in a Stetson, driving an orange Beetle...The Guard doesn't always earn the brilliance of its finest verbal flourishes, but it boasts a central character and matching performance that are worth their weight – and may show staying power too. The Guard cheered me no end, and I wouldn't be surprised if, some day soon, a sequel does too.[Jonathan Romney, IoS]

Date Arrival: 
16 January 2012

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