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Debt, The

Debt, The
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Madden, John
Helen Mirren
Tom Wilkinson
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A sturdy psychological suspense thriller about a botched Mossad kidnap mission, The Debt focusses intriguingly on the dilemmas of a female lead agent until an implausible last act, says Kate Stables..The Debt, a psychological genre piece which picks over the fallout from a 1965 Mossad mission whose real truths emerge 30 years on, turns out to be a surprisingly good fit for him. A remake of Israeli director Assaf Bernstein’s 2007 thriller Ha-Hov, it’s as much a relationship drama as an action piece. There’s a hint of the crunchy complexity of 1970s thrillers like The Parallax View in the recurring themes of guilt, deception and political expediency, but the exigencies of weaving together two timeframes and utilising two casts mean that psychological and emotional depth are suggested rather than fully achieved. The result is a sturdy, often suspenseful piece, but one that delivers less than it promises..The Debt’s narrative peaks prematurely at the two-thirds mark, when a key plot point is revealed. Attempting to top this by sending the older Rachel on a final Bourne-style mission is a curious misstep from which the film never recovers. Opting for a punchy if increasingly implausible finale that favours high-octane redemption over realism, it suggests that ultimately The Debt chose the wrong payoff.[Sight and Sound]

Date Arrival: 
23 January 2012

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