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the film shop blog is coming

Welcome Film Shop customers, film buffs, guests and interlopers alike to the our new and long overdue website. It is, I admit, a very modest effort so far- the Stoke Newington catalogue, the basic information and very little design- but we are working for brighter results in the near future.

For example, our database catalogue is at present, a list of the films we have in stock and is by no means error free or the least bit interactive. Regarding the latter, we would like to share the film review writing,for every film we have, with you- or at least we will consider what is written by everyone who submits one- and we will post them on the site.You may find that many films don't even have a review yet and some of them, written many years ago by me or a member of staff, are pretty mediocre, so all contributions will be considered.

On the home page and via a newsletter we will inform you of all new releases, including older films newly available on dvd and current recommendations.

At some point too we  will also be opening discussion forums, recommending films on the big screen and pointing useful pages on the web on all film related matters.

Whatever the future is for The Film Shop which, lets face it, is a limited one, considering our ever deeper forays into film on demand, downloads etc, what we ultimately care about is great quality cinema wherever and however you get it.

Your humble servant,